Main Objective: Easy Solution for Seasonal SheetsIce Rink CO2 system

Small, seasonal, single sheet with dual purpose requirements that range from graduation ceremonies to home shows. Community/Municipality/Outdoor type facilities with small staff will appreciate the easy maintenance solutions. A Board or Municipality with the sole goal of keeping costs down is wholeheartedly behind cost/benefit ratio that makes sense. The ice3 Cube design creates a low maintenance and energy efficient facility.

Community/Municipality/Outdoor ice3 Cube Case Study examples:

Facility Upgrade or Replacement

Main Objective: Cost Efficient/Low MaintenanceIce Rink CO2 system

Dedicated year-round single (or multi-sheet) layouts looking for a cost efficient, reliable, and low maintenance refrigeration plant for their ice rink facilities. An environmentally friendly system to replaces the older and dangerous CFC or Ammonia plants. Facility management will appreciate the minimal maintenance required due to modular cubes and standard components. In addition, the ability to reclaim heat for the warming area, radiant heated floor, as well as basin heat in the Fluid-cooling tower as a definite means to saving utility costs on propane usage. The ice3 Cube design creates a more cost effective, energy efficient facility, and a healthier bottom line.

Facility Upgrade or Replacement ice3 Cube Case Study examples:

College Prep/Collegiate/Professional

Main Objective: Net-Zero Buildings to Accomplish Sustainability Mandates Ice Rink CO2 systemrequiring Net Zero Energy facilities having superior efficient operating and maintenance costs, excellent resiliency to power outages and natural disasters, and improved energy security

Schools and universities with sustainability mandates understand the value of waste heat and want to get as much as they can from any system they implement. Providing schools and universities GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission reduction numbers, the safety that comes with using glycol, excess waste heat resources, lowered maintenance cost, and customer on-call service, the ice3 Cube design creates a low maintenance, energy efficient, cost effective net-zero building that accomplish sustainability mandates while capturing and re-using waste heat from the rink refrigeration process to other facility needs.

College Prep/Collegiate/Professional ice3 Cube Case Study examples:

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