Greener Technology for Refrigeration Plants

Greener Technology for Refrigeration Plants

The old-school industrial operator’s view has always been “if it’s not a loud refrigeration room and it doesn’t stink of oil, Brine and Ammonia, it’s not an ice rink plant”. If this sounds (and smells) like your refrigeration plant, it might be time to upgrade your refrigeration plant to a greener technology.

A Maintenance Nightmare

The standard industrial system using ammonia. If ammonia is not maintained in a professional manner with the utmost stringent timing and safety, is a maintenance nightmare. A standard ammonia two-compressor ice plant for a single sheet/pad (approximately 108 Tons of refrigeration) will generate 55 gallons of waste oil annually. Then adding 55 gallons of new oil. Most standard industrial systems have an oil pot where the bottom of the chiller lets the oil collect with ammonia on top. The operator must don his face shield and drain about five gallons from this oil pot at least once a week. Inexperienced operators not fast enough with the drain valve will also get a shot of liquid ammonia giving the refrigeration room the typical ice rink “refrigeration room smell”, sometimes sending the operator running for the door. In total, over a 25 year life cycle, an industrial plant will generate approximately 1,375 gallons of waste oil.

Obviously, this is not a Green solution nor should it be a long term plan.

Industrial Compressors versus Bitzer Scroll

When the ice3 Cube Systems came to market there were many that scoffed at the “little silver boxes”. The accolades of the ice3 Cubes are now numerous; however many don’t know that they contain a closed refrigerant circuit (Bitzer Scroll Compressors) that require very little maintenance. The model 2545 ice3 Cube closed circuit has a factory charge of 1.5 gallons of PVE oil. This oil is never drained or replaced unless the compressor is replaced (compressor failure rates are less than 1% of all units installed).

The initial charge of 1.5 gallons of PVE oil remains in the Cube for the compressors’ lifetime.  Four Cubes generate 108 tons of refrigeration – and require only the initial six gallons of oil charge.

It’s time to upgrade your Refrigeration Plant to a Greener Technology

Each ice3 Cube is modular, quiet, efficient, low maintenance, green ~ and uses 1.5 gallons of oil total, over its entire life cycle!

Greener Technology for Refrigeration Plants

This side by side analysis deserves consideration when making a decision for your chiller replacement, if only for the environmental impact of waste oil alone.

Tired of the mess and high maintenance costs of an old-school industrial ice rink refrigeration plant? It’s time to upgrade your refrigeration plant with new technology saving you money and providing a greener system for your facility to be proud of. Give us a call today, we’ll answer all your questions 603-238-9249 to speak with Andy Grignon.

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