Introducing the ice3 Cube Model 2545

After a lengthy redesign and extensive testing, Emerald Environmental Technologies has gone into production on their new larger output capacity model 2545 ice3 Cube. Using 40% Ethylene glycol, the all new ice3 will produce 27 Tons of refrigeration at low temperatures and 45 tons of air conditioning at the higher chill glycol temperature. Keeping to its roots of low charge, the refrigerant charge of R410A increased to 36 pounds. In almost all mechanical rooms this still keeps the units below the mandatory requirements to classify the room as a refrigeration room and therefore eliminating the alarming, special protocols, training and equipment required.

Same Size, Bigger Output

Emerald’s modular design has not changed, in fact the cabinet size was not increased from the model 2040. The redesign changes reside in changing the piping connections slightly to accommodate larger heat exchangers. The larger Bitzer Scroll compressor, at 39 Horsepower, are installed and Swep heat exchangers were increased in size. The Carel Digital Controller, with BACnet, remained exactly the same with a larger EXV. For all intents and purposes it is almost impossible to distinguish this new model 2545 from the model 2040, except for the output expectations of course.

ice3 Cube Model 2545

So what has this change done for our customers? The seasonal rink with a typical 70 – 80 Tons of refrigeration load needs can now install three ice3 Cubes model 2545 to create 78TR decreasing first costs on piping and electrical. This strategy has also gained spacing within the mechanical room that can now be saved for future growth – allowing space for a fourth tiered ice3 Cube stand, and what would be a total of 105TR. Should the rink grow its programs to the point that it will demand more refrigeration, it is simply a one day operation in and out of the mechanical room – all that is needed to expand the refrigeration possibilities to meet the rink’s growth goals.

The model 2545 essentially is an upgrade of 7 Tons of refrigeration per ice3 Cube at low temperature and has opened up larger facilities to the iceCube Technology. We have a design currently in the building/testing phase (in-house) for twelve iceCubes to accommodate four sheets of ice. This will provide 324 Tons of refrigeration in a modular configuration. The 12 steps and stages will infinitely match the load and provide an economic source of heated glycol for heating the facility. All that heat has to go somewhere! You might as well put it to good use in your facility. After all, when it comes to reclaim heat….”Use it or Lose It”.

The model 2545 is presently in production and field installations are complete and operational.

Thayer Academy, a prestigious private, co-educational, college-preparatory day school located in Braintree, MA, new ice3 Cube refrigeration system utilizing the new model 2545 Cubes is up and running. Milton Academy is under production and will soon be online.

Questions? Speak with Andy Grignon at Emerald Environmental Technologies about how we can make your facility an ice3 Cube facility. You can reach Andy at or at the New Hampshire headquarters (603) 764-6014.

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