Designed with Geothermal in Mind

The geo3 water source heat pump was designed with geothermal in mind. By applying the geo3 Cube system with either a geothermal field or geothermal bore-hole wells, the facility can be heated or cooled while extracting or storing the opposite energy from the ground. This allows the Cube to operate at a constant temperature using the stable temperature of the ground. This technology decreases operation costs dramatically for a facility. The geo3 Cube has the ability to operate both in a chill glycol and low temperature glycol mode.

While air conditioning all summer the geo3 Cube is storing the heat energy within the soil and bedrock of the ground outside. When the system switches to heat it extracts this stored heat by refrigerating the ground removing the heat energy stored. Since the geo3 Cube does not have a reversing valve simultaneous heating and cooling can be performed within the facility as you would see in a four pipe chill hot water system. Systems can be installed with a hybrid mentality where peak summer loads are trimmed with a smaller fluid cooling tower. This reduces the amount of bore holes needed in a project and aims the geo costs at the average operating load only. The geo3 Cube System can be used in any application that typically would qualify for a 4-pipe chill hot water system. geo3 Cube shines in applications where large heating and cooling loads occur simultaneously.



“The Ice Haus at Jay Peak utilizes…Ice 3 technologies not only for our ice surface, but also for reclaiming heat to send to our 60,000 square foot indoor waterpark. This is turn saves money for both the arena and the waterpark

The ease of the system has allowed us to bring a majority of our repair and maintenance in-house saving time and money. Ice 3… has been a win win for Jay Peak.”

Dennis Himes
Ice Haus General Manager
Jay Peak Resort, Jay, Vermont


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