Why Choose the ice3?

With increasing awareness of the need to pursue an ammonia-free ice rink refrigeration alternative that maximizes every kilowatt hour consumed, Emerald Environmental Technologies ice3 Cubes have developed designs that rely on staging capabilities, variable frequency drives, and reclamation of waste heat to ensure that every dollar is well spent. We’ve developed a protocol to achieve full HVAC integration with the refrigeration plant itself to provide heating and cooling simultaneously, often eliminating the need for a separate commercial chiller(s), cold/warm water system, and heating and air conditioning or other mechanical systems to serve each purpose necessary considering an ice rink refrigeration system retrofit or a more efficient refrigeration plant replacement.

Ammonia Free Eco-Friendly Refrigeration System

In order to bring older systems into the current updated and upgraded eco-friendly refrigeration systems, Emerald Environmental Technologies ice3 Cube designs have completely redesigned how ice rink refrigerant systems work including space management (the ice3 Cube modular chiller can fit in elevators and through standard sized doors), a surprisingly quiet refrigerant plant, and an impressively low charge of 20lbs (every ice3 chiller carries a 20lb of R410A Green Refrigerant) creating a safe ammonia-free ice rink refrigeration mechanical room.

Original Ice Kube System designs were drastically re-designed to include upgrading the electronic expansion valves and communication protocol. When we are contracted to complete a refrigeration plant retrofit of an original Ice Kube System, we replace wiring where needed, install the integral control program, and upload the informational points to the building BMS system. Working with AEM Controls of Nova Scotia allowed Emerald Environmental Technologies remote viewability, control of the ice3 Cubes including remote alarming and setpoint adjustment, as well as consistent monitoring.

An important feature Emerald Environmental Technologies instituted during redesign was to incorporate only industry standard and readily available components in it’s design. This feature is important to ice rink managers, especially in remote areas, because waiting for parts to come via overnight express is too long when ice quality impacts rink revenue. This “plug and play” feature has also meant that most problems could be solved in-house instead of waiting for a serviceman to arrive, further reducing costs. The icing on the cake – Emerald Environmental Technologies developed a unique control system, which is integrated into existing control systems, and remotely monitored for system analysis. The end result is a hockey rink refrigerant plant that uses much less energy, a clean customizable modular design, multiple refrigeration plant redundant back-up systems, and reuse of waste heat to make the hockey rink a more comfortable environment for the ice rink community.

Emerald Environmental Technologies’ ice3 Cube System is a custom modular, ammonia-free, ultra-low charge of R410A refrigerant resulting in an eco-friendly commercial refrigeration system for your ice rink or commercial property. You can count on Emerald Environmental Technologies ice3 Cube System to be an efficient, quiet, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and maintenance free solution for an ammonia-free ice rink refrigerant plant to carry your rink safely into the future.

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The expert team at Emerald Environmental Technologies can help define and customize which ice3 Cube combinations are ideal for your community/municipal/outdoor, upgrade project, or collegiate rink. Emerald Environmental Technologies is based in New England and services the entire east coast up through Canada. Please contact us today to request a free consultation or Email or call 603-238-9249 with questions.