Simultaneous Heating and Cooling

The ice3 low temperature water source heat pumps were designed to produce refrigeration and heat simultaneously, and have the flexibility to provide both low temp and medium chilled glycol.

The ice3 system is specifically well equipped for use in “total heat reclaim” as otherwise rejected heat energy can be reused in a number of additional applications such as radiant floor heating (locker room floors or stadium seating), centralized air distribution systems, domestic water preheat, additional snow melt, swimming pool heating, commercial kitchens, or any other application that requires fluid pre-heating.

The ice3 also allows for simultaneous heating and cooling. Having no reversing valve, the units can supply heating to one building area while cooling other areas at the same time. The ease of operation and minimal maintenance requirements are benefiting many successful facilities throughout North America.



“I have many years of experience as an ice rink manager, including supervising rink operations at Boston College’s Conte Forum for the past twenty-five years. Boston College… is home to a well-renowned college hockey program, one which boasts four National Championship titles over the past thirteen seasons. This requires an ice rink plant that is simple, reliable, and cost efficient.

The ten individual ‘ice cube machines’ that constitute our plant exemplify these qualities. The cubes have the standard refrigeration components: hermetically sealed compressors, expansion valves, and heat exchangers. The ten cubes are able to operate independently; this allows an individual cube to be offline for repairs or routine maintenance, while having no effect on the quality of the ice surface. A minimal load is needed when the basketball floor is down or for a team practice, while higher, full-house load is necessary only on a game day with a capacity crowd. Therefore, the multiple units have significantly reduced our maintenance costs in comparison to those associated with an ammonia plant. Further, having the ability to quickly command cubes on and off, to support the changing loads, provides substantial energy savings. Overall, I am very pleased with the technology and the quality of the cubes.”

Norman Reid,
Boston College, Boston, MA
Manager at BC for 25 years


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