Fluid to Fluid Heat Pump

The eco3 is designed for standard use as a chill or warm water system in heating and air conditioning applications. When operated as a 4 pipe system the cube has a high efficiency. The cube has no reversing valve installed so any simultaneous heating and cooling use can be provided at optimum efficiency. Labs, auditoriums, churches, restaurants are the perfect applications for the Cube. Swimming pools with high year round ventilation requirements can use the cubes to heat while dehumidifying. Excess heat can be used for the pool heating requirements. The Cube’s modular design allows a very small quiet cabinet to be installed through standard door openings and can be stacked in mechanical rooms for minimal square footage use. The outdoor fluid cooling tower can be ground or roof mounted and be provided with an on board basin heat by the cube waste heat. Sidewalk snow melting and radiant floors are an excellent use of Cube heat.



“For me, power costs are not just about total consumption. My rate is based on highest use. I need to keep my peak demand as low as possible to keep my rate down. Of course, I also need to keep my total power consumption down. Let me make this analogy: When I was determining the amount of lighting I needed above my rink, I looked at both the maximum and the minimum. As a max, I needed 180 fluorescent tubes. At the least I needed 30. I wired the system so I could turn on 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, or all 180 lights. I hate running more lights than I need to. I applied the same logic to my compressor choice. I also hate the idea of running a 150 kw industrial compressor when I only need 35 or 70 kw. More, smaller compressors mean more options for power. . It’s amazing how many times we are running a single Cube. I can run one Cube (25kw) and all the pumps and fans that go with it on about 52.5 kw. Each additional Cube bumps me about an additional 25kw. Just like lights – I hate running more compressor power than I need.

  • I have redundancy.
  • I have a simple system to find parts for and repair.
  • I have a company I can trust for quick response, fair pricing, and honest answers.
  • I have a system that is safe to be around.
  • And, not a small thing… if someone wants to talk to me about it… they have the option of doing so right in the compressor room. These Cubes are quiet! That may not seem like a big deal but it really is.”

David Kimel
Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center, St. Albans, Vermont
Manager since 1997.


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