ice3 Cube Refrigeration Control System

No matter how energy efficient a piece of equipment has the ability to be, it can only operate at the lowest cost possible if it is controlled correctly.

In the ice arena industry gone are the days of running a pump non-stop and refrigerating the glycol and ice slab to a constant temperature no matter the load or usage within the building at that time. When Emerald Environmental Technologies first entered the chiller marketplace, the options for an all-inclusive smart digital refrigeration control system were limited. When we were called to troubleshoot we found a marketplace filled with mismatched technologies, corners cut in an effort to get close to a desired outcome, and quite frankly installations that didn’t live up to the full potential of their energy efficient abilities because there was not a unified control system.

Fine Tuning the Refrigeration Control System Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Over the years, Emerald Environmental Technologies’ ice3 Cube chillers have been on the cutting edge of applying new technologies to increase the output while lowering the input and therefore consistently reducing the cost of operation. The product of years of research and testing, the newest line of ice3 Cubes have refrigeration control systems with LCD user interfaces matched with robust digital programmable logic controllers that offer real time operating data, plain text alarms, and proprietary algorithms and sequences that ensure that across the entire temperature operating range of the unit, you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck.

Refrigeration Control SystemArguably, the real benefit of the newest refrigeration control system is the scalability and ability to adapt to any installation. If a customer doesn’t have a full building automation system an ice3 Cube can run locally off of its own temperature setpoints with no external input. If there is an existing control system that only offers programmable temperature controllers, the ice3 Cube refrigeration control system has the ability to operate off of a simple stop/start signal. If there is an existing building automation system in place, the ice3 Cube refrigeration control system has the ability to speak MODbus RTU without any additional communication options or costs. For new installations where maximum efficiency is desired, integrating your Cubes with a full Emerald Environmental Technologies provided central plant refrigeration control system now puts a full building automation system at your fingertips.

Our central plant refrigeration control system is capable of managing cubes, pumps, valves, boilers, Refrigeration Control Systemand cooling towers; offering peace of mind that your facility is running as efficiently as possible.

Efficient As Possible

Typical drawbacks found in today’s larger control vendors is the pressure to stay with their company long after installation, tying you to their services with proprietary networks and software. With Emerald Environmental Technologies’ central plant refrigeration control systems, upon completion of the installation, our customers will get the application on a thumb drive, and since the Cube chillers speak open protocols such as MODbus, BACnet, and Lon, you are never tied to a single vendor. In fact, you can find Emerald Environmental Technologies implemented our open protocol devices you see today since 2013.

In addition to the transparent nature of our installations, the user interfaces are laid out in similar structure to the ice3 Cubes, so whether you are changing cooling tower setpoints at the main panel, or looking at a single Cube user interface to see what pressures the unit is operating at, the screens are familiar and thoughtfully laid out. Plain English text makes it easier to navigate than most competitor’s systems, and you will never need a ‘alarm or error key’ to try and figure out what a E-3 code means.

Lastly, when you purchase a full central plant refrigeration control system, you’re also buying into decades of tried and tested control schemes that have been proven within the industry. These include everything from variable speed pumping and easy ice setpoint scheduling, to automatic boosted heat reclamation and multiple ice modes to ensure you are only consuming as much energy as necessary to keep your patrons and your investors happy.

Emerald Environmental Technologies’ full building automation refrigeration control system governs the ice3 Cube to the most efficient operation possible saving you money in troubleshooting, rink management, and energy expense.

Eager to learn how much energy and utility costs we can save you? Whether you are considering a new refrigeration system or a retrofit of an existing installation give us a call or email us here to see how we can be of assistance. Want to learn more? View our case studies of upgrades and brand new refrigeration system installations.

Customer Service

If for some reason you do have an issue – rest assured that email, phone, and text alerts are all available to let you know that something went awry that requires attention assuring a smooth and continual optimum operation.

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