ice3 Cube Testing Station

What are you getting when you choose Emerald’s ice3 Cube?

Quality. Emerald’s ice3 cube testing station guarantees you’re buying quality.


Not just an ice3 Cube Testing Station

It’s true, Emerald Environmental Technologies is able to control quality control because we control the process from fabrication straight through testing. Fabrication design allows us to include design elements such as the ability to remove the panels for easy access, a simply idea that is priceless when needed. The strict regiment of testing including 2-4 hours of rigorous testing including variations of output demands and temperature simulating loads expected in day to day operation.

So you like what you see. Of course, you have more questions – give us a call (888-530-7713) for a free consultation and ask how your facility can take advantage of an ammonia-free, efficient, quiet, environmentally friendly, cost effective refrigeration system for your rink that also produces an unparalleled ease of operation, reduced operational costs, and precise output. The ice3 Cubes may be the alternative you’ve been looking for.

Request a Consultation

The expert team at Emerald Environmental Technologies can help define and customize which ice3 Cube combinations are ideal for your community/municipal/outdoor, upgrade project, or collegiate rink. Emerald Environmental Technologies is based in New England and services the entire east coast up through Canada. Please contact us today to request a free consultation or Email or call 603-238-9249 with questions.