For the past 22 years, Kimball Union Academy, a preparatory school in Meriden, New Hampshire, kimball-union-academyoperated a seasonal arena with a R22 direct expansion floor and Holmsten plant. The plant was beginning to deteriorate, causing issues and safety concerns regarding a massive loss of Freon from the floor. Due to the increase in safety concerns over leakage and potential massive cost liability concerns, the elimination of R22 in the near future and the need for a field house, Kimball Union Academy commissioned Emerald Environmental Technologies for their project. The client also wanted the option to extend their operating season, allowing use of the ice arena from September to April.


Emerald Environmental Technologies worked closely with Preferred Mechanical Services to design and install four ice3 Cubes at 84 TR, with infrastructure for five ice3 Cubes at 105 TR (necessary for the potential of year-round operation). Similar to the Holderness School project, this design was fashioned to have air-cooled dry coolers on the roof of the mechanical rooms, eliminating the need for evaporative systems and water treatment. An ice3 Cube decoupler for the cold side was also employed to ensure maximum efficiency of the cold floor and cycling Cubes.

Reclaimed heat was used to warm floors, melt shavings, circulate air in the dehumidifier and provide heat for Phase II’s attached field house. In addition, extended seasonal-use plans are underway in order to employ the ice3 Cubes as an air conditioning-chilled glycol source for the Phase II field house and buildings across the parking lot, which are used as a performance center and dining hall.

Result & Benefits

The ice3 Cube System, as a single purchase, has the potential to fill many roles at Kimball Kimball Union Academy ice arena ice<sup>3</sup>Union Academy. As the ice3 Cubes have a low charge, they coexist in the present mechanical room with no need to separate them from the Zamboni—this conjunction is Phase I of what is considered a multiphase use for the ice3 Cubes.

A new ice3 Cube plant, manufactured by Emerald Environmental Technologies, is now installed, featuring a warm floor, interior snowmelt coil, and bunker-style snow pit. The ice3 Cube plant provides reclaimed heat, used for the arid ice desiccant dehumidifier and to provide cooling for the arena as well. A new concrete cold floor and warm floor are in place and the entire facility is under Direct Digital Control. The use of roof mounted dry coolers eliminated the need for water cooling towers and the treatment and water use that comes with this design application.

To complete the project, reclaim of warm energy for ice making coupled to a REALice cold-water treatment system for ice making is being installed. The plan is to have a system equal or greater to the previous direct expansion system. The ice-building operations are now in effect and the customer is operating at 100% capacity.

The customer is looking to the future to have the ice3 Cubes act as a source of chilled glycol for adjoin performance center air conditioning.

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