New Hampton School, located in New Hampton, New Hampshire, had an existing ammonia plant in an open-sided arena. After years of planning to build a new facility, it was time to upgrade in accordance with the campus master plan.


Ammonia and industrial refrigeration proposals were both considered for the school’s new $7 million facility. Many factors came into play—the ability of the HVAC engineers to reclaim the 105-degree Fahrenheit waste heat; the capacity to use the equipment as a source of air conditioning-chilled glycol when the ice allowed for multipurpose-use of the facility; the fact that the mechanical room contained a boiler that could easily coexist with the ice3 Cubes, as their refrigerant charge was less than 20 pounds under the threshold for requiring specialty construction and divided rooms; and finally, cost. When analyzed, the ice3 Cubes were less expensive than an industrial plant in this application. The customer opted for a ice3 Cube decoupler, stainless snowmelt coil and a warm floor, allowing the option of potential, year-round operation.

Result & Benefits

Four ice3 Cubes, totaling 84 TR, were initially installed, but infrastructure for the 5th ice3 Cube was employed with future plans for a year-round active facility. The ice3 Cubes not only sourced heat and a two-pipe HVAC system, but also a warm floor, a snow shavings, and a reclaimed heat energy system.

Also installed are two ground-mounted dry coolers at the rear of the building on a raised concrete pad. The coolers are located across a driveway and 50 feet from the mechanical room—a feat that can only be accomplished with a ice3 Cube installation. As the coolers are an air-cooled dry system, they require no water treatment or consumption of water for a cooling tower and/or evaporative condenser.

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