The Bottom Line – Rebate and Incentive Savings

The Bottom Line - Rebates and Incentives Savings

The Bottom Line – Rebates and Incentives Savings

So what is the bottom line? When it comes to rebates and incentives, it’s the economy of operation items that qualify the ice3 Cube System for utility rebate incentives – thanks to the digital controller that comes standard with every ice3 Cube.

Emerald Environmental Technologies’ digital controls can be governed by a central smart controller for optimal operation to a varying load increasing efficiency and production while reducing operational costs. The days of career managers making their best guesses from years of experience monitoring systems built as far back as the 60’s, deciding production rates versus demand is ending with their retirement waves. Accurate and timely data provided by Emerald’s Environmental Technologies digital controllers allows management control decided on data – not guessing.

Exact data allows Emerald Environmental Technologies to apply for multiple utility incentives from state, and federal rebates on behalf of our clients depending on overall design of the custom ice3 Cube System for their facility.


The digital controls allow the ice3 Cube a degree of customization unparalleled to a regular plant. A regular plant with two compressors which would normally bring online a Refrigeration Control Systemcompressor that is 5—60 tons of refrigeration and all of its accessories. These compressors are set with larger temperature swings to minimize compressor starts. However this strategy is overkill and results in wasted energy and higher demand charges systematically increasing a rink’s operation costs.

With the ice3 Cube System, dependent upon the rink’s operational needs, it is not unusual to see a smaller (21 ton) ice3 Cube unit run longer to match a load, however it will run longer at less energy, and produces reclaim heat! Capturing and reusing waste heat further reduces a rink’s energy use by redirecting that heat energy back into the building.

Operation Savings

Operators love the freedom to reuse the waste heat in a variety of locations within their facility. Two very popular reuse options with operators is to heat the fluid for ice melt to a The Bottom Line - Rebates and Incentives Savingstoasty 105°F for radiant floor heat or preheat Zamboni water for ice melt to 90°F. Zamboni flood water is normally 120°F to 140°F with 65 single sheet resurfacings a week. Cubes will preheat the incoming 55°F water to 90°F. This 35°F reduction in heat from the water heater removes 50% of the associated costs for this. Facility management is routinely pleased to find out this is standard operation for the ice3 Cube System. Additionally, when you have cubes operating at 105°F each one produces between 330,000 to 550,000 BTUH of heat suddenly the question of where you would like all that heat to funnel back into your facility. Emerald Environmental Technologies is easily able to distribute this energy to heat the facility, locker rooms, warm dry floor through radiant heat floors, snowmelt for the Zamboni, and ventilation air for locker rooms.

Adapting a standard refrigeration plant is expensive to add heat reclaim devices and most industrial two compressor plants reject 90% of all heat generated, reclaiming very little of that waste heat and letting all that free energy evaporate into thin air.

Want More?

The building is warm so the parents are happy, the locker rooms are properly ventilated so the facility is happy with the health benefits, the Zamboni ice is disposed of properly so the staff is happy, and costs are lowered due to the exact monitored ice3 Cube system creating no wasted opportunities so the management is happy. Not enough? Let’s reclaim more of that heat and redirect it into heated walkways to eliminate outside maintenance costs. No shoveling, no salting… just imagine the accrued savings.

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The expert team at Emerald Environmental Technologies can help define and customize which ice3 Cube combinations are ideal for your community/municipal/outdoor, upgrade project, or collegiate rink. Emerald Environmental Technologies is based in New England and services the entire east coast up through Canada. Please contact us today to request a free consultation.