Ice3 Cube Maintenance

Ice3 Cube Maintenance, All You Need is a Grease Gun

Ice3 Cube Maintenance: More Savings When asked what it takes to maintain an ice3 an operator at Merrimack College, after a year of run time, said beyond the cooling tower all you need is a grease gun. Operators that have transitioned from ammonia or industrial systems cannot believe how simple the ice3 Cubes are to maintain. The days of daily checks … Read More

Introducing the ice3 Cube Model 2545

After a lengthy redesign and extensive testing, Emerald Environmental Technologies has gone into production on their new larger output capacity model 2545 ice3 Cube. Using 40% Ethylene glycol, the all new ice3 will produce 27 Tons of refrigeration at low temperatures and 45 tons of air conditioning at the higher chill glycol temperature. Keeping to its roots of low charge, … Read More

Emerald’s Modular Technology: Saving Monies from the Start

Building a new rink involves many decisions before ground is broken. “What is our marketing plan to capture sales and sell our rink services now and, what could it be in 20 years? Will we grow to become a year-round facility? Will we offer off-ice programs or have ice year round?” Trying to predict future growth and facility use naturally … Read More

Brine Vs Glycol: It Comes Down to Long Term Vision

Brine Vs Glycol: It Comes Down to Long Term Vision

Brine: Short Term Savings A typical cold floor installed with a brine solution of Calcium Chloride (commonly known as ice melt) at 21% is effectively salt water. This solution will not allow the mixed water to freeze in normal rink use at -5°F or above. Upon installation you’ll realize a savings of approximately $18,000 when compared to the cost of … Read More

Ice Rink Efficiency: The Proof is in the Pudding

Ice Rink Efficiency: The Proof is in the Pudding

Recently we were able to catch up with Steve Trepanier at the Rochester Ice Arena in Rochester, NH, who has managed the Arena for decades. The Rochester Ice Arena recently replaced their refrigeration system and this last season they replaced their 40 year old rink floor. When we called to find out how the Rochester Ice Arena’s combination upgrade of … Read More

Does Your Refrigeration System Offer Flexibility?

Refrigeration System Flexibility

Does Your Refrigeration System Offer Flexibility? The day is coming, you know it is. The day your refrigeration system cranks, sputters, coughs and lurches to a screeching halt for the last time or you’re looking to upgrade versus another overhaul. It could be poor brine chemistry, lack of consistent maintenance, R22 is being phased out, or the local municipality no … Read More

Cold Floor Design: The Ice Kube VS the new ice3 Cube

Cold Floor Design

Cold Floor Design Emerald Environmental Technologies were recently in Minnesota and was asked about the original Ice Kube Systems (IKS) cold floor design, which due to its very slow exchange rates, simply didn’t perform as well as expected. Emerald Environmental Technologies recognized this problem from the beginning and set out to redesign the floor system. The ice3 Cubes you see today … Read More

ice3 Cube Testing Station

What are you getting when you choose Emerald’s ice3 Cube? Quality. Emerald’s ice3 cube testing station guarantees you’re buying quality.   Not just an ice3 Cube Testing Station It’s true, Emerald Environmental Technologies is able to control quality control because we control the process from fabrication straight through testing. Fabrication design allows us to include design elements such as the … Read More

Waste Heat Recovery

Waste Heat Recovery

What can it do for your ice arena? HVAC 101 teaches us that all refrigeration systems create heat as a byproduct. The HVAC process revolves around removing heat through condensers and water cooled systems. For most fuel-fired heating equipment, a large amount of the heat produced is wasted as exhaust or flue gases. If we’re told that a piece of … Read More

Is an Ammonia Refrigeration System the Right Choice?

Or, Is It Time to Look for an Alternative? With so many risks among ammonia refrigeration systems traditionally placed in ice rinks and other commercial applications where nearby businesses and roads are evacuated every time there is a leak. It’s time to ask… is there a reliable, affordable, safe alternative to an ammonia system? As history has shown there is … Read More